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Communication and Relationships

Communication and Relationships:

Good communication plays an essential role in our lives. People who know how to communicate effectively with those around them often see better productivity and improved relationships in every aspect of their lives. This video explains the same.

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  1. Disha Nanavati

    Really very informative Piyali. It is also give us key features on how to communicate.

  2. Jayati Mukherjee

    It was very nice

  3. Kanchy Kharate

    Fabulous. Communication skill is an essential skill of everyone’s life. And if it’s enhanced properly one can win hearts. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Falguni vala

    Nice video.
    I watched your full video.
    You gave example of engagement that was really good.

    1. Sneha Pathak

      It is really a very informative and helpful video.

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