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Have you ever felt lost and confused about yourself? Do you feel no matter what you do you are not enough? When all these thoughts bother you, they distance you from your goals and do not allow you to live your life to the fullest. How do you deal with the self-sabotaging thoughts that don’t let you leap forward in life?

I would say keep it R.E.A.L.

R – Reach out.

Seek help from a mental health professional or a Life Coach. You need to evaluate yourself with a different perspective and when you are unable to do it on your own it’s best to bring in help. When you look at things or situations from outside, they will appear different. Thus providing you a different path in life.

E – Explore. 

‘There is always more than what meets your eye’ this saying holds true for even your thoughts and beliefs. Dig deeper, evaluate your emotions. Remember people lead to behavior and behavior drives emotions. A little mindfulness, while exploring your thoughts will help you redefine your belief system. It will give you an opportunity to minimize the thoughts that are holding you back and maximize your strengths.

A – Acceptance.

It’s important to identify and accept your thoughts and behavior. Without acceptance, you will not be able to bring a change in perspective. Acceptance is possible only if you keep an open mind to see the glass half full and not just half empty. A curious mind will give you the openness required for acceptance.

L – Let it go. 

We have a tendency to hold on to everything that defines us, be it people, things, or thoughts. Once you have identified and accepted your old belief system, it is time to replace it. Once you have understood that it doesn’t serve its purpose, it’s best to let it go and make way for the new belief system. This will in turn help you overcome your thoughts and see your life from a different perspective.

Mona Babla

ICF Certified Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

APP Coach

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    Wow thanks for this amazing share. Loved every bit of it. Looking forward to reading more.

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    Really Beautifully Put… We need these kinds of Articles In These tough times. Really love this!

    1. Mona Babla

      Thank you Prasad. Looking forward to sharing more

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    This is amazing! Love this

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      Super !!

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    You have always been a full support system to me and my family. So well written. Keep it R.E.A.L

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    Beautifully explained!!

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    This is an amazing article…so well explained.. really appreciate ur valuable input…it helps to find n transform a newer oneself…thank you

  7. Arushi Shah

    This is such an amazing and an enlightening article…m so grateful to u to have shared such valuable inputs..this truly helps to find and transform a newer and happier oneself… thank you 😊

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    Very well articulated Mona.

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    Very well written Moni, you have taught us all to keep it REAL

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