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Living Your best life with COVID.


When the times are dark and the situation helpless, people will encourage you to go on 

and on, by saying ‘There is a light at the end of the tunnel’. But are we really able to see that 


Our brain tricks us to focus on negativity or negative situations. This tunnel represents the

Dark path which we have to walk through relentlessly to be able to reach the light which

represents a new life or new beginnings, a solution to every problem.

Today, while all of us are trying to overcome this pandemic together, we lose focus and with

every new data coming in our fear and anxiety builds up. While most of us know that we

have little or no control over the situation, yet invariably we get consumed by our ‘Fear of

Unknown.’ How do you sail through this pandemic? How do you keep focus on the ‘Light at

the end of the Tunnel?’ It is apparent that we have to seek within ourselves and find the 

strength to combat not just the physical environment but also our mental health.

1. Be Kind – To Yourself and Others

We all are in this together. If you feel angry, anxious, nervous or any other negative feeling,

recognise it. Allow yourself to acknowledge your negative feelings and then gently and

gradually direct them towards positive emotions by asking yourself “What’s the worst that

can happen? Can you handle it?”

2. Micro Manage Your Feelings

It’s always better to vent out your emotions in a safe and a controlled environment. A healthy

conversation with family, friends, life coach or a therapist would help. Writing down of

positive emotions in a journal, yoga and meditation on a daily basis can work wonders.

3. Keep Physical Not Social Distance

In the current situation that we are in, we are required to keep social distance, but there is no 

reason that we can’t connect with people we love or enjoy being with. Plan some fun online 

activities withfriends and family and connect. We, human beings are social animals.

4. Lower Your Expectations

Feel confident and in control of your life. Start with planning goals that are short term and

 achievable. Be kind to yourself and be realistic. Take stock of the situation in totality, things 

you can control and things you cannot control. Create realistic goals that you know you can 

achieve in a short period of time.

5. Make the Best of The Situation

We as Humans are ever evolving. If we free ourselves from all the binds stopping us, we

can adapt to any given situation. Today’s day and age calls us to reach our full

potential in adapting and living our ‘Best Life’ Do what you always wanted to do and

start making each day count by living in the positivity!

About Mona Babla ( ICF Certified Coach , NLP Practioner , APP Coach )

This is very much a personal journey that began 20 years ago with a self realization that there is always a better way of living and dealing with life and what it offers. Thus, I decided to motivate people to bring the change in the way they look at Life and be an author of their own ‘Life Book’.

Hi, I am Mona Babla, mother of two beautiful girls, avid reader and passionate about Human Psychology. In my 40’s, I decided to take up my passion and thus began my journey with Symbiosis (USA) and soon got certified as a Life Coach. 

 As a Certified Life Coach, I work with organizations and individuals to build their dreams accelerate their results and thereby create richer, more fulfilling lives. With the implementation of different modalities like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Mindfulness, and APP (Applied Positive Psychology), I help my clients to unlock their true potential and overcome any anger, anxiety, fear, or past baggage that is holding them back. My process involves maximizing their individual strengths, increase their self-belief and confidence at the same time minimizing any negative or limiting beliefs. Whether it’s a short 10-minute talk, a coaching session, or a workshop, you will be channelized towards a better version of ‘You’.

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