Mango chocolate delight

Ingredients:-1/2 liter milk250 gms dark chocolate grated2 tbsp custard powder1 tbsp corn flour2 mangoes into small pieces1 big cup Mary biscuit crumbed12 to 15 pieces of walnut3 tbsp sugar/milk main

method:-Boil milk with sugar & add chocolate, cook milk & chocolate for a minute & add cornflower & mix well & add custard powder mixed with little water so will not create any lumps. Cook all for 3 to 4 mins or until thickens & let it cool down. Your chocolate delight is ready. Garnish as shown in the video

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  1. Vishal Kadakia

    Looks delicious

    1. Khadija Hooda

      Thank you

    1. Artangle90

      Super cool idea!!

    2. Khadija Hooda

      Thank you 🙏

  2. Khadija hooda

    Always excellent products 👌👍

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