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The 90’s Circle is back

The Hoops from the 90’s are making a come back.

Spend some time counting the people wearing hoops I am sure you would lose track.

Picture Courtesy by Aanushka Ramesh

Lots of Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber Balwin, Kylie are the latest to flaunt them

Hoops are classic style statements they look glamorous and yet are simple and basic.

Picture Courtesy by Bhavana

But basic doesn’t mean boring hoops now come in a variations of styles and emblements be it diffrent metal finishes matt gold to rose gold or be it encrusted with pearls or crystals.

We dont call this a comeback that will be there for some time

and this year we are in 20,20 has taken us back to the basics

Style your self with some hoops

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  1. Amita

    This is so cool

  2. Piyali Roy

    Hoops are my favourite too 🥰

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