You are currently viewing India a wonderland of art, culture, and rich heritage for the world ( Gond Art )

India a wonderland of art, culture, and rich heritage for the world ( Gond Art )

Gond art

The Gond, are the largest Adivasi Community in India. The history of the Gond people dates nearly 1400 years i.e. the pre-aryan era. They refer to themselves as Koi or Koiture. Their language is related to Telugu and other Dravidian languages.
The word “Gond” comes from the Dravidian expression kond, meaning “the green mountain.”
The work of Gond artists is rooted in their folk tales and culture, and story-telling is a strong element of every painting.

Paintings as well as other art forms have always been quite popular with tribal people in India, especially the Gond tribe. The Gond people have a belief that viewing a good image begets good luck and they decorate their walls and the floor of their houses with traditional tattoos and motifs. Gond paintings have also been used by the Gond people as a way to record their history.
According to one theory, these tribes are the earliest settlers in the Indian Peninsula and are the original people of the land. They are mainly found in Madhya Pradesh and its surrounding States.

The Gond paintings incorporate the use of lines, the alignment has a striking effect on the user captivating them, as they can’t take their gaze off. The lines give an impression of movement. The peculiar thing you will notice when you see a terrific specimen of Gond painting is the combination of lively colors.
The pigments they use are extracted from natural resources like charcoal, plant sapling, tinted soil, tree leaves, and cow dung. The yellow pigment is taken from local sands known as chui mitti, and the brown hue is produced from gheru mitti, the hibiscus facilitates the red pigment for Gonds to use in their works.

Today, many talented Gond artists’ works can be seen on canvases in art galleries internationally. One of the distinctive elements is the use of signature patterns that are used to infill the larger forms on the canvas.

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