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21 Days Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Are You Ready

Hello, a happy new year to you all.

This week we like to take on a 21 days challenge with a good friend of mine, Karishma Chawla.

Giving you the right reason to give you a healthy start for the new year, I’m super excited to introduce Karishma Chawla who is a renowned Nutritionist who has been featured in many top publications.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit so here we bring you a 21 days challenge to help you create a healthy lifestyle one day at a time.


STARTS- 11TH JANUARY 2021 there are limited slots,

you’ll be added to a WhatsApp group by the 9th Jan 11.59 PM So what are you waiting for, enroll now!!!

Email us at to get your spot today

NOTE- This is a free program offered to you, no commercials involved 🙂

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  1. Nandita Golani

    New year… beginnings… lifestyle…..all set to take the 21 day challenge to kickstart 2021

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