Oil Pulling For better Oral Hygiene


Oil Pulling when practiced with Virgin coconut oil can lead to many benefits to oral health.
It helps as follows-

1) Reduction in dental decay.

2) Reduces bad breath.

3) Reduces bleeding from gums.

4) Strengthens gums and jaws.

5) Heals cracked lips.

6) Reduces gum inflammation.

It has lauric acid that helps in the above functions.

Oil pulling can be done with one or two spoons of Virgin coconut oil which is swished in the mouth for a few minutes and then discarded in the bin and not in the tap as it can lead to rusting of the tubings.
I would highly recommend oil pulling for your oral hygiene maintenance.
When there is magic in nature…Let’s use it to our benefit.

Dr. Ashni Choksey Mehta is a general dentist (BDS Mumbai )
Fellowship in Cosmetic Dentistry(Encode)

Fellowship in Pediatric Restorative Dentistry(persuing)CADL(GCDF, UK)
Founder of Divinity Dental Care, Walkeshwar.Consultant at Saifee Hospital

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