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Zumba with a twist with Bhangra

Bhangra Today:

Don’t be surprised to see your heart rate go up quickly within a minute of dancing Bhangra. If you have ever seen someone doing Bhangra or have have attended a Bhangra class, you’ll know how energetic this dance style is. It’s high kicks and wide squats make it a phenomenal workout.

As we all know, Bhangra originates from the northern region of India and is derived from traditional forms of punjabi folk dance. It has now become integrated into popular Asian culture after being mixed with hip-hop, house and reggae styles of music and is not only popular in India but is enjoyed worldwide.

There’s something about Bhangra music which makes you want to stand up and start dancing around the room. It not only helps you lose weight but also helps you relieve stress and forget your worries.

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