You are currently viewing Movie Review Raat Akeli Hai….                            (Streaming on Netflix)

Movie Review Raat Akeli Hai…. (Streaming on Netflix)

Raat Akeli Hai….( Streaming on Netflix )A big zameendaar is murdered on his wedding night. This is not his first marriage.

A very influential and financially strong person he wasThe film is set in Kanpur and focuses on the shady dealings between the police and the politicians, their nexus in UP, and a rich family’s reputation is at stake one family, their secrets, and their interpersonal history

As the secrets start tumbling out, the story gets darker many people around has a vested interest, who should be suspected and who should be taken as innocent is difficulty investigating officer

Jatil Yadav ( Nawazuddin Siddiqui ) has done an awesome job Radhika Apte as the zameendaar’s to be bride, is impressive too

The writer Smita Singh has weaved the story so interestingly where each and every family member has an important role to play….like the zameendaar’s First wife Son Daughter Sister-in-law Son-in-law brothers son brothers daughter Driver Driver’s daughter drivers mother MLA friend Well directed by Honey Trehan.

He has done full justice with the writer’s script In particular the role of Inspector Jatil Yadav has shaped out perfectly and played wonderfully by Nawaz

1. Inspector cum detective agent with a witty mind but with limited power in hand, against his seniors

2. Has a sweet but at times annoying mother….added to give some comic relief in tensed up movements

3. Has fallen for a girl in between solving the caseIla Arun… will be fun to see herTigmanshu DhuliaAditya Shrivastav ( CID wala Abhijeet )Padmavati RaoAre some more known faces with a decent enough role Background music is intriguing and matching in line with a thrilling experience As the name says…Raat Akeli Hai….don’t worry, it’s not a horror film Murder mystery film lovers….don’t miss this one

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