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Parminder ( Pammi ) is trying to escape from the Aashram and the security guards are trying to stop her….now the story starts in a flashback mode as to how Pammi got into this Aashram

She is a talented female wrestler, but being from a low caste, the organizers are impartial with her and denies her a deserved victory

During their community’s wedding, the bridegroom is bashed up badly by high caste guys….and here the Baba steps in to help. This is how Pammi is been influenced towards Kashiwale Baba

One other story is there…..wherein a nearby forest area, one skeleton is discovered on a construction site

Let us enter the Aashram’s premises now…


Kashipur wale baba ki jai

Gareebo wale baba ki jai

Nirale wale baba ki jai

It is one huge estate and functioning like a town in itself with hitech systems installed

1. Various checkpoints at the entry and exit gates

2. CCTV cameras at every nook and corner

3. Security forces with guns and other weapons

4. Bank, hospital, warehouses, factories, schools, jail, hostels, residences, canteens, meditation cent,er and Baba’s royal palace

The director…Prakash Jha ( Apaharan, Gangajal, etc ) has made it brilliantly with disclosing the true picture and happenings inside such Aashrams

It is shown that financially poor and low caste people are the ones who gets more attracted towards these babas and how they are exploited

Where the funding comes from, who all are involved…..sab dikhaya hai

Big Industrialists

The chief minister

Ex-chief minister

Inspector general

Local police

Everybody is under the baba’s control

The level of brainwash he does on the name of Shuddhi Karan, that his devotees are not ready to hear a single  word against him

It’s disheartening to see how innocent and helpless people fell easy prey for this Aashram

Once any person enters the aashram, these people make sure that there is no returning back from here

The level of homework done by his experts and the level of discipline shown in doing this organized crime is really commendable

Baba……nahin……Babaji bolo

Babaji wants more of the youth crowd to get attracted, so he plans to rope in a pop singer who is a famous youth icon. The politics played to get him in is ridiculously funny but sadly truth also

Artwork and cinematography…

It has that royal look, with king types attire, jewelry, throne, and crown for the Baba

The main hall for addressing the devotees has that Darbar wala look

The in house Goondas are given that fierce look

Bobby Deol… Abbas Mastan’s Ajnabee, Akshay Kumar played the negative character and Bobby was the good guy. That time I was imagining that what if this was opposite, it was impossible innocent-faced Bobby can never play villain…..but no guys…..he is fantastic here

With so much ease he’s pulled out a nice performance

His tall height

His relaxed speech

His bearded look

His right hand Bhupaji has an important role and well played too

Pammi the female wrestler

Her brother Satti

Satti’s wife Babita

Investigating officer Ujagar Singh

Forensic doctor Natasha

Ex-CM Hukam Singh

Are some other important characters

Bad words mouthed freely and lovemaking scenes comes in regularly to present that proper feel and maintain the image of the story

The series has 9 episodes in the first season ( around 40 mins each ). The story moves at a good pace, except the 7th episode where nothing much happens and could have been finished in 10 mins…..barring this, it will be a good watch

You will literally feel like getting on the next as soon as you finish one

Seeing the trailer of the second season, it seems it’s gonna be more khatarnak

Prakash Sir……jaldi shooting khatam karo aur stream kar do……waiting

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